Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing your awning, it is vital that you know the size (“A” Measurement) of your caravan. Measure your caravan from point A to point B in cm as shown in the picture. The measurement from ground to ground is the “A” measurement that can then be checked with the size chart to identify which awning size will fit your caravan. 

When using your new awning for the 1st time water can seep in through the seams for the first couple of times it rains on your awning. Your new awning needs to get wet a couple of times to allow the stitching to expand this then closes the needle holes and it helps to keep the water out. To help the awning along after a long period of time or just to give a helping hand to the awning you can apply some water reproofing to affected area.

When packing away the awing the frame must be dry and clean from any soil, and kept in a suitable bag and stored in a dry space.
Frame misuses, packing poles away wet and with soil can lead to the frame to begin rusting.

99.9% of the time there are no missing poles from the frames, they are pre-inserted into the poles with the Griploc clamps. Before erecting the frame, fully open all Griploc clamps, turn the poles so that the Griploc clamp end is pointing downwards, this then will release the poles inside.

If an issue with your awning arises please take images before you report this to your retailer as soon as possible, your supplier will complete an inspection form and attach photos this will then be sent to Camptech. Any delay in reporting an issue may change the outcome of the solution. All returned parts must only be sent in clean & dry condition.

Over time it may become necessary to apply a proprietary seam sealer to the inside the awning, you can spray the awning on the outside this will give the awning a helping hand with UV. All the seams of your awning have been factory sealed with a specialist sealing tape during the manufacturing process, however over time and depending on your camping conditions this tape can become brittle and less effective. A good seam sealer will prevent water ingress and help to reseal these joints.

Inflate your air awning to the maximum PSI of 4-5 and do not over exceed the recommended pressure.

The air tubes can become slightly softer after being inflated for 24-48 hours. This phenomenon is caused by the weather and environmental conditions as the temperature and humidity of the air tubes equalizes with the external conditions. Simply top this awning psi back to the recommended pressure 4-5psi.

We advise that you keep checking your awning pressure in high temperatures, if you feel the need to let some air out in the day do so but top back up in the evening.

Do not cook in your awning or too close to the awning. Do not expose the awning to naked flames or sharp objects inside or outside

The air tube sleeves are locked with a tie, do not remove the tie or zip the sleeve open when the awning is fully inflated.

Ensure that all the inflation valves are properly positioned and tightly secured when in use. Avoid excessive twisting or snagging the valve on the awning materials

These are all available in our download section of the website, please choose the one suitable for the awning that you have.

All product weights and dimensions are available from our downloads section of the website.

Unfortunately we do not sell our products directly to the public, however you can use our find your dealer option and enter your postcode to find a dealer in your area. We also offer the option of direct delivery, once your order has been placed with your chosen dealer this can be sent to any address you require.

We are able to supply spare/replacement tubes or poles at request, if you just send us a message we aim to get back to you within 24 hours or alternatively call the office and our staff will be able to help you with the request.

We currently supply all of our poled awnings with Steel Frames.

Clean the frame by wiping with a damp cloth soaked in a mild detergent – do not use a scouring pad as this will scratch the casing. Clean the fabric cover with warm soapy water using a sponge. Never put the canopy in the washing machine as this will strip off the waterproofing!

All of our awnings come with a 12 month guarantee from the date of purchase. However, please be sure to read the warranty information leaflet supplied (also available for download) with your awning as the guarantee does not cover everything.

Our all season awnings can be left for the whole camping season – around 6 months at a time but not all year round. Our touring awning cannot be left out for long periods, most awnings must not be left out during windy conditions or heavy rain.

The awning fabric is waterproof and can be left during light rainy conditions as this will easily run off the front edge of the awning without a problem, but in heavy rain it sometimes may begin to pool if the pitch (slope angle) is not steep enough. This puts undue stress on the fixings, so please be sure to push any excess water from the roof immediately